Next Steps

Everyone Is Welcome

Everyone's journey is unique.

Wondering what the next steps are here at Hillcrest?  We believe that there is joy in following Jesus and that following Jesus isn't a test to take or a classroom to experience, but a journey to go on.  Explore below what your best next step is in following Jesus at Hillcrest. 

What to expect

Hillcrest is the perfect church for imperfect people! We’re not here because we’ve got it all together. We’re here because we belive that God loves us in our weakness and longs for us to live in his love and forgiveness.

Visit this Weekend!

We meet on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 10:15 am. At either identical service you are welcome just as you are. You’re likely to recognize a neighbor or friend from school, and you’ll be comfortable in jeans or slacks. We gather to sing songs that honor God and open his word, the Bible, to learn how his unchanging truth speaks directly into our ever-changing world.

What about my kids?

We’re so excited to introduce you to Hillcrest Kids! We’re passionate about showing children the great big love God has for them through music, activities, small group discussions and more. Infants through fourth grade are checked into Hillcrest Kids before the service begins, allowing parents to engage in worship and the current sermon series. All volunteers have been screened and participate in on-going training to maximize their effectiveness with our kids. Infants through age four can attend during either service; K-4th grade kids attend during second service.

Click HERE for detailed information about Sunday morning check-in procedures.

Safety and Security

The safety and protection of our children is vital. Several measures have been taken to provide a safe experience for your child. All Children’s Ministry Volunteers have passed a thorough background check and can be identified by their photo ID badges and red lanyards. 

Click HERE for detailed information about our child protection policy.

Explore Christianity

We’re excited that you’re interested in what it means to follow Jesus! In John 6:44 Jesus says, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” We believe that if you are seeking Jesus and are curious about who he is and what it means to follow Jesus, God is already doing a supernatural work within you! Click HERE to explore what it means to treasure Jesus and follow Him. 

Getting Here